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Day Habilitation

Some of  our Business  Partners include:

  • TIBH

  • Wilsonart

  • Builders Best, Inc.

  • City Of Lufkin

  • Lufkin Daily News

Pre-vocational and Vocational Services

Our Pre-vocational and Vocational services are designed to introduce our individuals to the work environment and receive training or counseling that would allow them to progress to community employment if that is their personal goal. Services may involve training while in an in-house work environment on basic work skills needed such as personal skill development, concepts of worktimes/breaktimes, safety skills, accepting constructive criticism and demonstrating self-advocacy skills in the workplace. Assessments of skills are available to assist the individual in making work choices. Gateway has developed a relationship with multiple business partners for work related activities.

Employment Assistance Services

Employment Assistance services are provided to an individual to help the individual locate paid competitive employment in the community. 

  • Assistance with job application process

  • Resume development

  • Access to employment search such as internet and in community

  • Training or supports to reach community employment goal

We work closely with potential employers to ensure the best possible employment match. Skills assessments are utilized to ensure the best possible placement.

Supported Employment Services

Our Supported Employment services are provided to sustain competitive employment or self-employment for individuals. Our job coaches work directly with the individual in his/her work environment to assist in any training needs, providing supervision while the individual learns the job tasks, assisting with employment adaptions and communicating with the employer regarding progress to ensure the individual is as successful as possible in maintaining community employment.

Day Habilitation Services

Day Hab services are provided in a fun yet learning environment. We combine learning self-help, socialization, or adaptive skills with games, outings in the community, cooking classes and other enjoyable activities that allows the individual to successfully reside in the community. 

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