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Through the Home and Community-Based(HCS) and Texas Home Living (TxHmL) Services programs, Gateway offers residential services to meet your loved ones individualized needs.

Community First Choice/PAS HAB (CFC)

CFC services are those provided inside the personal home of the individual or out in the community that focuses on:

  • activities of daily living

  • household chores to ensure a clean and safe environment

  • accompany and assist individuals in accessing community services or activities;

  • assistance with health-related tasks.  

HCS Supported Home Living services can be combined with the CFC services to accommodate transportation needs.

Host Home/Companion Care

Host Home/Companion Care are services provided in the home of a paid companion care provider. The individual resides with the companion care provider who provides transportation to the community for day habilitation, work activities or community inclusion activities. The companion care provider ensures the individual's safety and security while focusing on natural supports and encouraging social interaction within the community. Biological parents of adult children enrolled in the HCS program are eligible to provide these services. All companion care providers are provided the necessary training by Gateway. The providers also receive assistance from Gateway in accessing community resources to meet the goals of each indivdual.

Group Home Living

Gateway has seven homes that provide either Supervised Living or Residential Supports. These services are provided in a 3-bed or 4-bed residence. Direct Care Staff are provided in the homes on a 24-hours basis to meet the needs of the individuals. Our staff receive approximately 80 hours of training to ensure their ability to assist your loved ones. 

Direct Care staff provide the individuals with activities of daily living, self-help skills and community involvement. They assist with going into the community by going out to eat, movies, church, holiday events and anything that enriches the lives of the individuals.

Gateway has an open-door policy for family visits and all family interaction is encouraged and welcomed.

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